Dear busy entrepreneur,
Let's write content to boost your business! you can lead the #wowlife!
SO ...

It’s been a long day, you feel like you’ve already worked a lifetime today, you’re tired and have no energy, you need to run your business and there’s life in general … then you have to think about your online content and your weekly blog.
Oh god, did she really just say weekly blog?!
I’ll do it tomorrow, you say.
But does tomorrow ever come? Probably not because often life and business get in the way.
Content writing takes time and energy.

But what if, in a half-day workshop, I gave you 5 STEPS to make your content rock and results … quickly so you can turn your content into opportunities, leads and revenue?
Then would the time and energy you put in to your content writing be worth it?
Did I just hear a MASSIVE YES?!
OK, let’s break it down …
If you create regular content (and blog every week)… you will; reap . the rewards! Your readers will love you and so will the search engines.
This is just one of the secrets to getting to page 1 of Google organically (withour spending stacks of money on advertising).

And, simply, it comes down to your content

Having. Really. Awesome. Online. Content…On your website, your blog and your social media platforms.

I know you’re on this page for a reason and that’s how to learn how to do all of that. So I’d love to teach you.

I find people ask me all the time:

·      How do you do it?
·      Where do I even start?
·      Why do I need a plan?
·      How do can I write online content every week I have no time?
·      How do I write a blog? What’s the framework?
·      What if I don’t have the confidence to post?
·      How do you promote yourself on social media – Facebook, LinkedIn and the like?
·      What if I don’t have the confidence to promote it?!
·      How do I make money from my blog? Can you really turn content into cash?
I get it. Content writing is hard. It’s time consuming and can be painful.

And then once you have spent all this time on writing what you think is the perfect piece of content...



🌟 Your content doesn’t rank well in search

🌟 There's no engagement

🌟 You don't have the skills to write

 You don’t feel confident in putting yourself out there

🌟 You don’t know what to write about, how to write it or who to write it to

🌟 It’s taking up waaaay too much of your time

🌟 No leads and definitely no sales

Don’t worry, I’ve been there too, let me assure you. I have made some doozy mistakes in my decades of being a writer and plenty more a business owner!


The No.1 HUGE issue facing business owners in 2018 when it comes to online content (so you can avoid them!).

The THING I did to grow my profile, get more speaking opportunities, guest blogging opportunities, clients and sales.

How to write the RIGHT words! And The top 5 words you ​​​​should NEVER
(EVER) use in your content writing. EVER.

PLUS ... My proven 5 STAR content writing structure
Once you know these steps you will:
Generate 5x more quality (HOT) leads

 10x your profile (to gain the most amazing opportunities)

The pinnacle…land more sales (7x more sales in a matter of hours!)

"Thank you Elizabeth Campbell for showing me how to blog to boost my business, literally! After getting back into consistent blogging I've raised my profile and monetised from my recent blogs with two direct enquiries converting into sales for my upcoming two- day business workshop!"

The Connection Queen, Janja Bojanic, Connection Consulting 

Half Day "How to write content to boost your business" Workshop
All over Australia
Various times
Investment: $77 is a small investment to learn something new that can boost your profile and business in ways your can only imagine.

So come blog with us!